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Understanding the Price column

The Price column displays the prices for your menu groups and items. Editing the contents of the Price column is equivalent to making changes on a menu group or menu item's details page.

Menu items that inherit their prices from a menu group are marked "inherited" in the Price column. Changing the price of a menu group changes the price of any menu items that inherit the menu group's price. Menu items that are individually priced show their prices in the Price column. In the example below, the Turkey Sandwich and Roast Beef Sandwich inherit their prices from the Sandwiches menu group while the Grilled Cheese Sandwich is individually priced.

Icons in the area to the left of the Price column indicate the pricing strategy used for a menu group or item when a strategy other than Base Price is used. In the example above, the Grilled Cheese Sandwich uses the Base Price strategy so it has no pricing strategy icon. The examples below show the icons used for the other pricing strategies.

For menu groups and items that use the:

  • Size Price strategy, each size appears on a separate row. In the example below, the small (SM) size of the Fries menu item is $2 and the large (LG) size is $4.

  • Time Specific Price strategy, the base price appears in the first row and the prices for other time periods appear in rows beneath the base price. In the example below, the Pasta Special is $9 between 12p.m. and 2p.m. and $10 during the rest of the day.

  • Menu Specific Price strategy, a menu icon appears next to the price and the price reflects the menu where that price is appearing. For example, in the illustration below, the Steak menu item costs $9 when it is ordered from the Breakfast menu.

    If a menu group or item is configured to use a Menu Specific Price but a price has not been defined for it in a given menu, then the Price Editor shows the default base price that is defined as part of the Menu Specific Price configuration. The base price is shown in gray, without the menu icon, and you cannot edit it. In the Lunch menu below, the Steak menu item is using the default base price from a Menu Specific Price configuration.

  • Location Specific Price strategy, the location-specific prices appear on separate rows. The rows are ordered based on the restaurant hierarchy with the least specific location in the hierarchy first (Corporate in the example below) and the most specific location in the hierarchy last (NYC in the example).

  • Open Price strategy, the word "open" appears in the Price column. For example, the Breakfast Specials menu group below is configured to use open pricing.

  • Price Levels, the Price editor page shows a price levels icon and the name of the price level but it does not display the price. To see the price, you must click the price level name to view the price level's details page.