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Pricing menu items

When pricing the menu items in a menu group, you can choose to either:

If you choose the first approach, where menu items inherit their prices from their parent menu groups, you can also choose to override the menu group price and set a different price for specific menu items in the group. For example, you can have a Sandwiches menu group where all sandwiches are $7 with the exception of a Daily Specials Sandwich that is $6.

For both approaches, you can choose to use either a pricing strategy, such as base price, menu-specific price or time-specific price, or you can use a price level to set your prices.

When pricing menu items that belong to multiple menu groups, there are some requirements to keep in mind:

  • Menu items can belong to multiple menu groups. If you configure a menu item to inherit its price from its parent menu groups, then you must also make sure you have group-level prices for all of the item's parent menu groups.

  • If you configure the menu item to have its own individual price, that price will override any group-level prices set for any of the item's parent menu groups.