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Promo code effective dates

The effective dates for a promo code define the period of time during which the promo code is valid. If you do not specify effective dates for a promo code, then the promo code is always valid.

Each promo code for a discount can have different effective dates. For example, you might configure a single 5% off discount that uses different promo codes for spring, summer, fall, and holiday promotions. You cannot apply a discount if the current date is not within the effective date range for any of the promo codes.

The effective dates must always include both a Start Date setting and an End Date value. If a promo code is available for only one day, set both dates to the same date.

The Availability section of the discount configuration page allows you to specify effective dates for the discount as a whole. The promo code's start and end dates must fall within the range of the discount's Availability start and end dates. For example, a discount with Availability dates of June 1 through June 3 cannot be configured with a promo code that is available June 2 through June 4.