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Information about multiple payments on the payment screen

The payment screen displays all of the eligible payments. For each payment, the screen shows the amount paid toward the check and the tip. You can then specify the refund values for each payment.

In the following example, the Amount field for each payment is $35.31, and the Tip for each payment is $3.53. In other words, the two payers split a $70.62 check and each added a $3.53 tip.

Payment screen with multiple payments

The screen does not display payment types that are not eligible for refunds:

  • If you issue the refund from a Toast POS device, then cash payments are not included in the list. Cash refunds must be issued from the Toast POS.

  • The payment list can only include cash, credit card, and Toast gift card payments.

    The payment list never includes other payment types, house accounts, and third-party gift cards. For information on how to remove those payments, see Removing other payments, house accounts, and third-party gift cards.