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Refunding items and service charges

One option for a refund is to refund specific items or service charges.

As you select items to refund, the Refund Total at the bottom of each screen is updated to reflect the current amount of the refund.

To issue a refund on a specific item or service charge:

  1. After you locate the check to refund, select the Refund button, then select By Item(s).

    Refund drop-down menu to select the type of refund.
  2. The next page displays the items and service charges for the selected order. This list includes both gratuity and non-gratuity service charges.

    Screen to select the items and service charges to refund

    By default, none of the items and service charges are selected. To determine the items and quantities to refund:

    1. In the Item column, select the boxes next to each item and service charge to refund.

    2. Optionally, in the Quantity column, specify the quantity to refund for each item. By default, the entire quantity is refunded.

      For example, an order contains two cheeseburgers. The list contains a single cheeseburger entry, with a Quantity value of 2. To refund only one of those cheeseburgers, change Quantity to 1.

      You can also specify a fractional quantity for an item. For example, an item with a Quantity of 1 might represent a pound of pulled chicken or a half a pound of macaroni and cheese. You can then refund the value of some fraction of that amount. The fractional quantity can have up to two decimal places. The fractional quantity represents the fraction of the amount of the item. For example, an item represents eight ounces of meat. If the refund quantity is .5, then the refund is for the value of four ounces of meat. The refund is not for a half an ounce.

      The quantity to refund must be less than or equal to the quantity ordered.

    3. After you choose the items and quantities to refund, select Next.

  3. The next page displays the payment method with the current amount to refund based on your selections. For information about refunds for orders that have multiple payments, see Refunding a check that has multiple payments.

    From this page, you can optionally refund some or all of the original tip.

    In the Tip field, enter the amount of the tip to refund. Note that the Original Amount value for the tip does not include gratuity service charges. These charges are listed on the previous screen.

    Screen to optionally refund some or all of the tip in addition to the selected items and service charges

    To continue, select Next.

  4. Optionally, enter a comment to indicate the reason for the refund.

    This comment appears in the Reports > Cash and loss management > Refunds report.

    Screen to enter additional comments for the refund

    To continue, select Next.

  5. Review the amount that will be refunded based on your selections.

    To change any of your refund selections, select Back until you reach the appropriate screen. Make your edits, then select Next to return to the confirmation screen.

    Confirmation screen for a refund

    To confirm your refund selections, select Confirm.

  6. Select the receipt option based on how your guest would like to receive a receipt.

    Screen to select the receipt option for the refund.

    Note that printed receipts are not available when you use the Toast administration back-end to issue a refund.

  7. After you complete your receipt selection, you see a Refund Completed message with the total refund amount.

    Refund Completed screen for a refund

    To close the message, select Ok.