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Reporting item or ingredient totals with the KDS

Keeping track of how many items or ingredients should be in progress, across all fired items, is an important tactic for efficiency and waste reduction. Mentally tracking totals, however, can be difficult to do accurately in a fast-paced, high-volume kitchen. With Toast POS devices, you can use either, or both, of these features to report continuously updated totals for fired items or ingredients on the KDS device.

  • All day view, which reports a total for each unique menu item, with or without totals for modifiers.

  • Production items, which report totals for specific ingredients. You configure production items independently of menu items so that you can track ingredients that are used in multiple menu items and modifiers.

These features count only fired items, and do not report items that are in sent or scheduled status.

In addition, this Toast Central article provides an overview of all day view, and this Toast Central article provides an overview of production items.