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Routing to prep stations

For an efficient order fulfillment workflow, you assign every menu item and modifier option on your menus to a prep station. In the Toast platform, a prep station represents the location of a kitchen printer or KDS device that receives orders for fulfillment.

For example, your kitchen has cold and hot stations, so you add a prep station for each one, along with another station for desserts.

A workflow diagram of an order going from Front of House to three prep stations: Cold, Hot, and Dessert.

If your restaurant has a bar, you might also add a prep station for the bar so that drink orders can be routed to the bartenders for fulfillment, and not to the kitchen.

After you add your prep stations, you assign them to your menus, menu groups, items, and even to individual modifiers, so that every item in an order can be sent immediately to the correct destination(s) for fulfillment.