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Example 2: route tickets to a different station

The business model for your quick service restaurant gives guests the option to either place orders in person and receive them immediately, or phone in their orders for pick up at a specified time.

To accommodate both dining options as efficiently as possible, your kitchen has two identical prep stations, one to fulfill in-person (dine in) orders and the other for phone (takeout) orders.

A workflow diagram of in-person orders going through a no print prep station line and ending in a Toast POS device acting as a quick order, cash drawer, and receipt printer, and of phone in orders starting at the Toast POS device and being sent to a kitchen printer for a separate takeout prep station.

In addition, the following considerations apply to the order fulfillment workflow in your restaurant.

  • Both order types are entered by the same cashier, who uses a Toast POS device in Quick Order mode.

  • For in-person orders, a line cook works with each guest to prepare meals to order. As a result, kitchen tickets are not needed for orders placed in person, but they are essential for phone orders.

  • Your dedicated dine-in prep station is assigned to all of your menu items.

With the Toast platform, you can route orders to a different prep station based on the dining option specified for the order.