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Size price

Applies to: Menu items, modifier groups, modifier option item references


Size pricing for menu items is supported on all product channels.

Size pricing for modifiers is supported on the Toast POS app, Toast Online Ordering, and in the menu data returned to online ordering partners. It is not supported on the Toast Takeout app, Toast Order and Pay, and Toast Kiosk. See Toast product channel support for advanced pricing features.

With size pricing, the price of a menu item changes based on the size chosen for the menu item. For example, a small pizza costs $6 and a large pizza costs $8.

The effect of size pricing on modifier options depends on the configuration you have specified. There are two possible scenarios:

  • The price of a modifier option changes based on the size of the menu item it modifies, for example, toppings on a small pizza cost $0.50 and toppings on a large pizza cost $1.50.

  • The price of a modifier option changes based on the size chosen for the modifier option itself, for example, the small size of pepperoni costs $1 and the large size costs $2.

In both scenarios, you configure the prices for the modifier options separately from the price of the menu item.

For more information on configuring and using size prices, see the following topics: