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Size pricing for modifier groups

Follow the instructions below to configure size pricing for a modifier group. All of the modifier options in the group follow the same size pricing rules, for example, all of the toppings in a Toppings modifier group cost $0.50 for a small pizza, $1 for a medium pizza, and $1.50 for a large pizza.

To enable size pricing on a modifier group

  1. In the Modifier Pricing Method section of a modifier group's details page, set the Select where pricing is set at configuration option to Additional charge - price set by modifier group.

  2. Under the Modifier Group Pricing section, select Size Price. The Size Price grid appears.

  3. Define your sizes by entering a size name in the Size column and a corresponding price for the size in the Price column. The sizes you create must exactly match the sizes defined for the menu items this modifier group will apply to, as described in Creating matching sizes for menu items and modifier options. Also, you must enter a price for each size you create.

  4. To add additional rows to the grid, click the Add Size button.

  5. To remove a row from the grid, click the Edit button, click the trash can icon for that row, and then click Done.

  6. Save your changes.

  7. If you are done editing prices for your menus, publish your changes.


The Price Editor does not yet support editing modifier group or modifier option prices. You can edit size prices for a modifier group on the modifier group's details page.