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Stacking pricing strategies

The Toast platform lets you stack multiple pricing strategies together to exercise a high level of control over your prices. A common price stacking approach is to stack location-specific pricing on top of one of the other pricing strategies. For example, consider a scenario where you have multiple locations that need their own location-specific prices and some of the menu items at these locations have small and large sizes. In this scenario, you would stack location-specific pricing on top of size pricing. This allows one location to charge $4 and $6 for a menu item that has small and large sizes and another location to charge $5 and $7. For more information on stacking location-specific prices with other pricing strategies, see Using pricing strategies with location-specific prices

Price levels can also be stacked with other pricing strategies. For example, you could have a price level for Draft Beers that stacks on top of different size prices for 16 ounce and 22 ounce sizes.

Toast support recommends that you do not stack more than two pricing strategies at a time.