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Example 1: route tickets to an additional station

After you define your kitchen prep stations, Cold, Hot, and Dessert, you realize that your take out business has grown so much that your line cooks are spending more time packaging takeout orders than makes economic sense.

To free up the line cooks, you add an employee to package takeout orders and set up a packer station in the kitchen. To make the packer's work efficient, you want tickets for takeout items (but not dine-in items) to print at that station as well as at your Cold, Hot, and Dessert prep stations.

A workflow diagram of dine-in orders going from Front of House to three prep stations: Cold, Hot, and Dessert, and takeout orders going to those stations and then on to a Packer station.

In addition, the following considerations apply to the order fulfillment workflow in your restaurant.

  • Your Cold, Hot, and Dessert stations fulfill both dine-in and takeout orders.

  • All of the menu items that are available for takeout are assigned to the Cold, Hot, or Dessert prep station. Other items (available to dine-in guests only) are assigned to the Bar.

  • The Cold, Hot, and Dessert prep stations use KDS devices, and you add a kitchen printer for the Packer station.

With the Toast platform, you can set up item routing rules to send takeout orders to the packer in addition to your kitchen prep stations.