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Understanding a modifier option's item reference

Modifier options are supported by an underlying menu item, called the modifier option's item reference. The underlying item may be an existing menu item, for example, a Sandwich Sides modifier option may reference a Fries menu item. The Fries menu item exists as a standalone menu item and it also functions as the item reference for a Sandwich Sides modifier option. When you create a modifier option that does not refer to an existing menu item, the Toast platform creates an underlying reference menu item for it.

When configuring a modifier option, you choose whether or not the modifier option has a cost associated with it. When a modifier option is based on an existing menu item, you can choose to use the price of the underlying menu item as the price of the modifier option, or you can override that price with a price that is specific to the modifier option. For modifier options that are not based on existing menu items, the price you specify for the modifier option becomes the price of the underlying menu item.

The Modifiers grid on a modifier group's details page gives you access to the item references for your modifier options. Hover the cursor over a row in the grid to see the Edit Item icon (arrow) for a modifier option. Click this icon to view the details page for the modifier option's item reference.

If you need to change the menu item that a modifier option references, you can click the name of the modifier option in this grid to open the modifier option's details page, and then click the Change Item button. Click the Edit Item button to view the details page for the modifier option's item reference.