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Understanding a Management Group in the Context of Toast Marketing

In the Toast POS system, a management group has a unique name and acts as a container for the restaurant locations that are part of your management group. For the purposes of Toast marketing, the management group is treated as a location in addition to the individual restaurant locations. This management group location has its own settings, marketing contacts, and marketing campaigns. For example, if your management group consists of locations A, B, and C, you can have settings and email campaigns specific to each of those locations as well as a set of settings and campaigns for the overall management group location.

Guest information When you send automated and one-time campaign emails on behalf of your management group, guests of all restaurant locations in the group receive these emails. The guest email list for the management group location is the de-duplicated aggregate of guest email lists of the individual restaurant locations. If a guest's email address was collected more than once during their visits to multiple restaurant locations in your management group, duplicate entries of the guest's email are removed while building the management group's email list. This ensures that guests do not receive multiple copies of an email if they have visited multiple locations.

Campaign types You can send both automated and one-time campaign emails on behalf of the management group. These emails are sent to guests of all restaurant locations that are part of the group.