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Upcharging discounted items in a combo discount

You can configure combo discounts to reduce the price of menu items that use size pricing and still increase the price for larger sizes or additional modifiers.

For example, you configure a discount that applies to a large cheese pizza and a bottled drink. You might configure that discount to apply to all larger cheese pizza sizes and add the increased price of the larger pizza size to the combo price. If a customer adds a modifier such as jalapenos to the cheese pizza, the Toast platform adds the price of the modifier on top of the combo price.

In the following example, the combo discount applies the combo price if a check includes a large cheese pizza. It also applies the combo discount if a customer orders an extra large or the largest, rustic, cheese pizza. If a customer orders either of those larger sizes, the Toast platform adds the difference in their prices to the large size to the combo discount price.

Diagram showing how a combo discount adjusts the price based on item size