This guide will be removed on April 29, 2022. Please use our new, easier-to-use Toast technical documentation site. All updated content is on the new site.

Using price levels with other pricing strategies

By default, price levels use the Base Price pricing strategy. Price levels can also be combined with other pricing strategies, such as size pricing, menu-specific pricing, or time-specific pricing. A common approach is to use price levels with time-specific pricing. For example, a bakery might offer muffins for $3, but from 4 to 6p.m. the muffins are $1 cheaper. In this scenario, you could apply time-specific pricing to the price level, so that between the hours of 4 to 6p.m., the price would drop from $3 to $2

To change the pricing strategy of a price level

  1. Access the Toast administration back-end.

  2. Choose Menus > Menu management > Price levels to open the Price levels page.

  3. Click the name of a price level to view its details page.

  4. From the Pricing Strategy configuration option, select your pricing strategy and configure its details. The pricing strategies include Base Price, Size Price, Menu Specific Price, Time Specific Price, and Open Price.

  5. Save your changes.

  6. If you are done editing prices for your menus, publish your changes.