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Using substitution pricing for default modifier options


Substitution pricing is in limited release.

Substitution pricing allows a guest to remove one or more default modifier options from a menu item and apply the value of those options toward the purchase of one or more different modifier options. For example, a guest orders a salad that comes with chicken by default but asks to substitute salmon for the protein. The price of the chicken modifier option is $7. The price of the salmon modifier option is $9. In this case, the Toast platform calculates the difference and charges the substitution price of $2 for the salmon (not the regular price of $9).

There are two scenarios that can occur with substitution pricing:

  • If the substitution modifier options cost the same as, or less than, the default modifier options, then no price adjustments occur. The menu item costs the same as it does with the default modifiers.

  • If the substitution modifier options cost more than the default options, then the Toast platform calculates the difference in price and reprices the substitution modifier options accordingly. For example, if you remove a default modifier that costs $10 and replace it with two modifiers that cost $8 and $7, then the cost of the replacement modifiers is $5 ($8 + $7 - $10 = $5).

In order for substitution pricing to be available, a menu item must have default modifier options. Default modifier options can be defined in two ways:

  • A modifier group's individual modifier options can be marked as default. This configuration is specified on the modifier group's details page, using the Default column in the Modifiers table. For example, the following illustration shows the Toppings modifier group with the Cheese modifier option marked as default. Menu items that use the Toppings modifier group will all have Cheese as a default modifier.

  • A menu item can be configured to ignore the default modifier options provided by its inherited modifier groups and, instead, specify its own default modifiers. This configuration is specified on the menu item's details page, in the Default Modifiers table. To specify this configuration, you must select the Override option, and then select the modifier options you want to configure as default from the Defaults column. In the illustration below, the Pepperoni Pizza menu item overrides the Cheese default modifier from the Pizza Toppings modifier group and specifies Cheese and Pepperoni as its default modifiers.

For more information on configuring default modifiers, see this Toast Central article.

Regardless of how you define your default modifier options, substitution pricing is always enabled at the modifier group level; for example, you would enable substitution pricing for the Proteins modifier group that modifies salad menu items or the Toppings modifier group that modifies pizza menu items.

To enable substitution pricing for a modifier group

  1. In the Modifier Pricing Method section of a modifier group's details page, make sure the Select where pricing is set configuration option is set to either Additional charge - price set by modifier group or Additional charge - price set on individual modifiers. One of these settings is required to gain access to the Default Modifiers and Substitutions section.

  2. If necessary, specify the pricing for the modifier options in the modifier group you are editing.

  3. In the Default Modifiers and Substitutions section, set the Allow default modifiers to charge their configured price configuration option to No - Ignore modifier price. When you select this option, the Enable Substitution Pricing section becomes available.

  4. Set the Enable Substitution Pricing configuration option to Yes.

  5. Save your changes.

  6. If you are done editing prices for your menus, publish your changes.


Substitution pricing does not currently support the use of location-specific prices on default modifier options. If you want to use substitution pricing, do not specify location-specific prices on the item references for your default modifier options.