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Deferred Sales Report

The deferred sales report gives you insight into your liability for unearned amounts received from guests. This report includes rows for each type of deferred revenue that had a transaction for the timeframe and locations you select. Sources of deferred revenue include:

  • Gift card sales and reloads.

  • Each menu item with Defer Revenue set to Yes.

  • House account balances paid (using the Toast house account feature).

The deferred sales report for a single-location restaurant during a one month period. All dollar values are blurred out.

This report includes the following key figures and metrics for deferred revenue.

Column Computation and Description

Item Qty

The count of transactions for the deferred revenue type.

Net Sales

Net sales for the deferred revenue type.

Net sales computed for the top numbers report do not include the grand total reported for this column.


Discounts on the deferred revenue type.

Example You offer a 5% discount on gift cards sold during the holiday season.

Discounts (and gross sales) reported by the top numbers report include discounts applied to deferred sales.

Gross Sales

Net Sales + Discounts