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Menu Drill-Down Reports

For the selected timeframe and locations, the menu drill-down reports give you insights into how well your current menu is meeting your needs. In addition to, How many _____ did I sell? you can answer questions like, What are guests requesting that we could promote as a new item? If both open items and special requests are being used to add the same thing to an item, are their prices consistent?

The data in these reports might prompt you to retrain employees, add a modifier option or menu item to your menu, or investigate whether differences in price are reflected by different portion sizes.

In the following example, after you click on Qty to sort a drill-down report of special requests, you realize that servers had to take the time to type in "scrambled" (or some variation) as a special request over 400 times during the reported time period.

Special Requests drill-down with "scrambled", "scram", and "Scramb" circled.

Scrolling down further, you might see several more variations on "scrambled", accounting for another 100+ special requests. After expanding these rows in the report to review the parent items and menu groups where these special requests occur, you decide to change more of your menu items to use your existing Egg Prep modifier group, which should make placing orders faster and more consistent.

The Toast gift cards drill-down report includes a row for each revenue-producing feature enabled on the Payments > Gift Card Setup page in the Toast administration back-end, including Sell Physical Cards, Add Value, and Sell E-gift Cards. The data on this report might prompt you to consider ways that guests might reuse their gift cards by adding value rather than buying a new card every time.

Toast Cards drill-down with an Add Value row with a quantity of 0 and a Gift Card row with a quantity of 401.

The following table shows the dimension and product selections you must make to produce a drill-down menu report.

To produce a drill-down report of: Select dimension... ...and select product:


Either sales category or menu Modifiers but not menu items

Special Requests

Either sales category or menu Special requests but not menu items

Open Items

Menu Open Items but not menu items

Toast Gift Cards

Menu Toast cards but not menu items


Menu Portions but not menu items

This report includes the following information and key figures.

Column Computation and Description

Parent Item

For modifier options, special requests, and portions, identifies the menu item that was ordered. Does not apply to Toast cards or open items.

Menu Group

For modifier options, special requests, and portions, identifies the menu group or subgroup that contains the parent item. Placeholder values appear for Toast cards and open items.


The count of each modifier option, special request, open item, gift card transaction, or portion sold.

Net Amount

Sale price x quantity sold

Net sales identifies business income from restaurant services and items sold after deductions are taken for discounts.

Note that when you void an item or a check, the Toast system recomputes net sales. As a result, this value can change over time.