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Non-Taxed Items Report

The non-taxed items report can help you investigate questions about your sales tax compliance, such as, "What items did not have taxes collected that should have had taxes collected?" For the timeframe and locations you select, this report includes a row for each menu item sold that had a tax amount of $0 collected. The report lists open items in individual rows.

Non-taxed items can include:

  • Menu items configured without any tax types selected in the Toast administration back-end.

  • Items in an order that was identified as tax exempt. The order details report the supplied employer ID number.

  • Items with a tax amount that rounded down to $0, such as a 4% tax on an open item priced at $0.01.

  • Items that have the No Tax for Takeout and Delivery option enabled when the dining option is takeout or delivery and $0 is collected in tax.

This report does not include deferred sales, items that were voided, refunded, or deleted, and items that had a price of $0 after discounts are applied.

The non-taxed items report for a single-location restaurant during a one month period. All dollar values greater than $0.01 are blurred out.
Column Computation and Description


The menu that contains the item that was not taxed.

No menu value appears for open items.

Tax Exempt

Yes or No to identify whether a tax-exempt employer ID number was provided when the item was ordered. The value in this column can give you insight into why the item was not taxed.

Example This report includes an item that you expect to be taxed. If Tax Exempt is No, you might need to verify the configuration of the menu item. If Tax Exempt is Yes, the item was part of an order that was identified as tax exempt.

Item Qty

The count of all menu items of this type sold without having tax collected.

Net Sales

The sum of the prices paid by guests for untaxed items sold.