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Payment Summary

The payment summary can help you investigate questions such as, "What percentage of my business is third-party delivery?" For the selected timeframe and locations, this report includes rows for each type of tender that your business accepts that had a transaction in authorized, capture in progress, or captured status for one or more items. Voided transactions are not included.

The report's rows include:

  • CREDIT - for payments made by any type of credit card.

  • CASH - for cash payments.

  • GIFTCARD - for redemptions of gift cards maintained using the Toast gift card feature.

  • HOUSE_ACCOUNT - for checks charged to a house account managed with the Toast house account feature.

  • Refunds - for credit card refunds. Currency values in this row are negative.

  • Future Order Payments - for payments in any tender received before the report start date for orders fulfilled during the selected timeframe. (On Analytics & Reports > Overview, this payment type is labeled Deposit Sales Collected.)

  • Each payment type configured in the Toast administration back-end on the Payments > Other Payment Options page, such as third-party delivery services, additional gift certificate or gift card programs, university meal plan accounts, and so on.

The payment summary report for a single-location restaurant during a one month period. All dollar values are blurred out.

This report includes the following key figures and metrics.

Column Computation and Description


The count of transactions made using this payment type.

Payment Amount

The sum of the prices paid by guests for items sold + the sum of all non-gratuity service charges paid using this payment type.


Tips added to the check by the guest and paid using this payment type. The CASH row reports the sum of cash tips declared during shift review. This value does not include tips withheld.

Grand Total ≈ Top Numbers Tips


Auto-gratuity service charges paid using this payment type.

Grand Total ≈ Top Numbers Auto-Gratuity

Total Payment

Payment Amount + Tips + Auto-Gratuity

% Total Payments

Total Payment / Grand Total Total Payment