This guide will be removed on April 29, 2022. Please use our new, easier-to-use Toast technical documentation site. All updated content is on the new site.

Producing Menu Breakdown Reports

To produce menu breakdown reports, you make the following selections.

  • Timeframe: You select a single timeframe. Comparisons between timeframes are not available.

  • Locations: If your restaurant group includes multiple locations, you select one or more of them. Comparisons between locations are not available.

  • Dimension: This selection determines whether the product mix breakdown categorizes information by sales category or menu hierarchy, and whether your top-selling sales categories or menu groups are listed.

  • Products: To find exactly the information you need, you can specify one or more of these products: menu items, modifier options, open items, special requests, Toast gift cards, or portions.

    While all of these products can be reported by menu, only a subset of the products can be reported by sales category.

    A diagram showing that when you choose the sales category dimension you can only choose the menu items, modifier options, or special requests product categories, while for the menu dimension you can choose all of the listed product categories.


    * Reports include information about Toast gift cards only if you use this optional feature.

    ** Reports include information about portions only if you use the optional pizza menu management (PMM) feature.

To produce menu breakdown reports you must have the Menu Reports access permission.

To produce menu breakdown reports

  1. In the Toast administration back-end select Analytics & Reports > Menu. The Menu Breakdown page appears.

  2. Select the dimension: Menu or Sales Category.

  3. Select one or more products.

    You can select Menu Items, Modifiers, or Special Requests after you select either of the dimensions. To select Open Items or Toast (gift) Cards or Portions you must select the Menu dimension.

    • If your selections include Menu Items, the system generates a product mix breakdown and a set of top-sellers reports.

    • If your selections do not include Menu Items, the system generates menu drill-down reports for the selected products.

  4. Select a date range and, if your business includes multiple locations, select the location(s) to include.

  5. Select Submit.

    For this example, the Sales Category dimension and all products, including menu items, were selected resulting in both top-seller reports and a product mix breakdown report.

    The Menu Breakdown for a multi-location restaurant during a one month period. A set of top-sellers reports is followed by the product mix breakdown by sales category. All non-zero dollar values are blurred out.

    For this example, only Modifiers was selected, resulting in a drill-down report only.

    The Modifiers drill-down report for a multi-location restaurant during a one month period. All dollar values are blurred out.
  6. To download a product mix breakdown or a drill-down report in .csv format, select the Download icon in that report's top right corner. Top-seller reports are not available for download.

  7. To print the generated reports to a printer or .pdf file, select the Print icon at the top of the page. To print all of the data in a product mix breakdown or drill down report, select Expand All before you print.