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Taxes Report

The taxes report provides detailed information about the amounts collected from guests for various types of taxes, helping you answer questions such as, "How much did I collect last month for each type of tax?"

This report includes the following rows for the timeframe and locations you select:

  • Each tax type configured in the Toast administration back-end on the Payments > Tax Rates page that was applied to a check.

  • Non Taxable, which reports data for items for which no taxes were charged or collected from guests. The non-taxed items report provides detail about items that were not taxed.

For more information about configuring tax rates, see Taxes overview.

The taxes report includes only data relating to taxes.

The taxes report for a single-location restaurant during a one month period. All dollar values greater than $0.00 are blurred out.

This report includes the following key figures and metrics.

Column Computation and Description

Net Sales (Excl. Deferred)

Net sales for items that had this type of tax applied.

Example You define a tax rate, such as state tax, that applies to all items except event deposits. Net Sales (Excl. Deferred) for this tax type = Top Numbers Net Sales - Non Taxable Net Sales (Excl. Deferred).


The sum of all discounts deducted from guest checks prior to this tax rate being applied.

Gross Sales

Net Sales (Excl. Deferred) + Discounts


The sum of all taxes added to guest checks for this tax type.

For the Non Taxable row, this value is $0.

Avg. Tax Rate

Taxes / Net Sales (Excl. Deferred)

For the Non Taxable row, this value is 0%.

% Gross Sales

Gross Sales / Gross Sales column total

This value can help you answer questions such as, "What were my sales in one tax category vs. another?"

% Total Tax

Taxes / Grand Total Taxes

For Non Taxable, this value is 0%.