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Top Numbers Report

For the selected timeframe and locations, the top numbers report gives you insight into your revenue and expenses by showing totals for these key figures.

The Top Numbers report for a single-location restaurant during a one month period. All dollar values are blurred out.
Column Computation and Description

Net Sales

Item sale prices + non-gratuity service charges

Net sales identifies business income from restaurant services and items sold after deductions are taken for discounts.

Note that when you void an item or a check, the Toast system recomputes net sales. As a result, this value can change over time.


The sum of all discounts deducted from guest checks prior to payment. This report includes discounts on deferred sales.

The discounts report provides additional detail.

Gross Sales

Net Sales + Discounts

Gross sales identifies the value of restaurant services and items sold before deductions are taken for discounts.


The sum of all taxes added to guest checks.

The taxes report provides additional detail.


The sum of all auto-gratuity service charges added to guest checks.

The service charges report provides additional detail.


The sum of all declared cash tips + tips added to checks by guests, such as credit card tips. This value is not reduced by tips withheld (if any).


The sum of all credit card refunds processed during the selected timeframe, which can include refunds made for checks that were paid outside of this timeframe.


The sum of the prices of items, after discounts, that were voided from checks. Item voids can be made on a Toast POS device until a check is restricted, and reduce net and gross sales when they are made.