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Menu Top-Sellers Reports

For the selected timeframe and locations, the menu top-sellers reports give you insights into your highest-volume sellers by quantity sold. The report includes a maximum of five rows, in descending quantity order.

The system produces one or more of the top-seller reports when you make the following dimension and product choices.

To produce a top-seller report of: Select dimension... ...and select product:

Top Sales Categories

Sales category Menu items

Top Groups

Menu Menu items

Top Items

Either sales category or menu Menu items

Top Modifiers

Either sales category or menu Menu items AND Modifiers
The top-sellers reports for the menu dimension and the menu items and modifiers products. All dollar values are blurred out.


To identify your true top-selling items and modifiers, the Top Items and Top Modifiers reports total the quantities and net sales of identically-named items or modifiers across all of your menus. That is, if your “Brunch” menu, your “Lunch” menu, and your “Dinner” menu all include a “Margarita” item, Top Items reports the sum of the sales from all three menus. However, if your brunch menu margarita is spelled "Margarta", sales of that item are not added to the lunch and dinner "Margarita" sales.

If you select additional products, your top sellers can change to reflect those products.

  • Top items include your top-selling menu items across all menus and, if selected, also include open items or Toast gift cards.

  • Top modifiers include your top-selling modifier options across all menus and, if selected, also include special requests or portions.

    An example of how the top modifier options can change when you include special requests follows.

    The top-sellers reports for modifiers without, and then with, special requests. After special requests are included, the "Scrambled" request is in position 3 while the "Poached" modifier gets bumped from position 5.

This report includes the following key figures.

Column Computation and Description


For each product categorization, this report includes the top five sellers by quantity sold.

  • Top Sales Categories: The count of all menu items sold in each sales category.

  • Top Groups: The count of all menu items sold in each menu group or subgroup.

  • Top Items: The count of each menu item sold across all menus.

    Item counts do not include modifier options, special requests, portions, deleted items, voided items, or items on voided checks or voided orders.

  • Top Modifiers: The count of each modifier option sold across all menus.

Net Sales

Sale price x quantity sold for menu items or for modifiers, aggregated for menus and sales categories.