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Dining Options

The Toast platform includes three dining options by default: Dine In, Take Out, and Delivery. On the Dining Options page, you define additional dining options that apply to your restaurant, and archive options that do not apply. When you define an additional dining option, you specify dine in, takeout, delivery, or curbside as the behavior for that option.

For example, your restaurant has an outdoor patio area with seating for guests. If you want the kitchen to package orders for the patio in takeout containers, you can set up a Patio dining option with a behavior of takeout.

Dining options can apply to a complete order or to an item within an order by using one of the Additional Modifier Groups.

Dining Options

Setting Options and Description

To add a dining option, select + Add. The system adds a row to the interactive grid.


Enter a name to identify the dining option on order screens and printed or KDS tickets.


To specify differences in how the kitchen plates or packages the order, you can select Dine In, Take Out, Delivery or Curbside. You can also specify None.


To identify a dining option to use for pending orders scheduled for fulfillment on a date in the future, select Future.


This setting only applies to customers who use the Toast orders API. To allow an integration partner to access a dining option so that orders can be placed or information retrieved, select API.


To streamline ordering, you can specify the most frequently used dining option for your restaurant. On individual Toast POS devices you can override this restaurant-wide default by setting Setup > Device Setup > Device Default Dining Option. Specifying a default relabels the Dining button on order screens to the name of the default dining option.

If you do not specify a default dining option, you can set the Prompt for Dining Option (Quick Order only) setting.

Actions (menu icon)

To remove a dining option, select the menu icon next to that option and then select Archive.