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Configuring Accrual Rules

With the Toast loyalty program, you can choose the menus, menu groups, and menu items you want to include in the program. Guests will only accrue rewards points when purchasing these items.

The number of rewards points accrued on a purchase is calculated based on the check's pre-tax subtotal currency amount. For example, if you configured your rewards program's Accrual Rate to generate 1 rewards point for every $1 spent, a guest will earn 6.75 rewards points on a check with a pre-tax subtotal of $6.75. The total rewards points accrued is stored up to two decimal places.


When the total number of points accrued in a transaction or a guest's rewards points balance is displayed, the number's decimal places are truncated and it is rounded down to the nearest whole number. So, if a guest's points balance is 6.75, it is displayed as 6 points on Toast POS devices, email messages, and web pages. However, the Toast platform correctly uses the balance amount stored up to two decimal places while calculating total points balance and while redeeming points on an order.

By default, when your restaurant's Toast loyalty program is active, guests accrue rewards points by purchasing a menu item from any menu.

Similarly, there are certain items and scenarios in which guests never accrue rewards points. Guests never accrue rewards points on:

  • Tips.

  • Gift card purchases.


    If a guest is paying a check containing a gift card and food items, they accrue rewards points only on the amount paid for the food items. For example, if a check with a $50 balance contains a $20 gift card, the guest only accrues rewards points on the $30 they pay to purchase the food items.

  • Adding value to a gift card.

  • Voided items on checks.

  • Voided checks.

  • Menu items that are explicitly excluded from the rewards program.

The following sections describe how to exclude menu items from the rewards program, how the program works with discounts, and how the program works with gift card payments.