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Advanced settings

Advanced settings option

Settings and description

POS Name

An alternate, shortened name of the discount, used as the text for the discount button on the Toast POS app.

Permissions Level

Specifies who can apply the discount on the Toast POS app.

Either any user can apply the discount, or only a manager can apply the discount.

For details, see Determining who can apply a discount.

Allow with other discounts

Allows a check-level or BOGO discount to apply with other discounts.

For details, see Exclusive and nonexclusive discounts.

Required Min/Max Check Amount

Sets minimum and maximum check thresholds. The discount is applied only if the pre-tax total on the check meets the thresholds.

For details, see Configuring required minimum and maximum check totals.

Auto apply discount

Only configurable for discounts that are eligible to be auto-applied.

Configures the discount to automatically apply to a check.

For details, see Automatically applying discounts.

Discount Reasons

Used to allow restaurant employees to select a discount reason when they apply a discount.

You first select the available discount reasons for the discount.

You then choose whether to prompt for a discount reason. If you prompt for a discount reason, you can also require a discount reason and an additional comment.

For details, see Requiring a discount reason for a discount.

Total Quantity

Only displays for combo discounts that are not bulk discounts.

The number of times that a combo discount can be applied to an order.

For details, see Configuring a combo discount.

Required # of Buy Items

Only displays for BOGO discounts.

The minimum number of buy items that the check must have before the bulk discount can apply.

For details, see Configuring a BOGO discount.

Eligible # of Get Items

Only displays for BOGO discounts

The maximum number of get items that are included in the discount.

For details, see Configuring a BOGO discount.

Bulk Discount

Only displays for discounts that are eligible to be bulk discounts.

Configures the discount as a bulk discount. For a bulk discount, you also configure the minimum and maximum number of eligible items that the discount is applied to.

For details, see Bulk discounts.