This guide will be removed on April 29, 2022. Please use our new, easier-to-use Toast technical documentation site. All updated content is on the new site.

Configuring Toast Marketing Settings

The Toast Marketing settings page contains information and configuration settings about your marketing audience, contact management, and branding and communication options.

To access Toast Marketing settings

  1. Access your restaurant location in the Toast administration back-end, and then select Marketing > Email Marketing.

  2. On the top right corner of the Toast Marketing dashboard page, select Settings.

    The Toast Marketing settings page is displayed.

The settings available in the Audience and Location sections are described below.


This section displays the total number of guests in your email marketing audience.

The Toast channels we use to build your audience section lists the sources of guest information in the Toast POS system that may be used to build your audience.

In the Add and manage contacts section, you can select Manage Contacts to go to the Manage Your Contacts page to upload your own list of guest email addresses, manage subscriptions, and export guest information. See Managing Contacts for more information on uploading email lists.

This section also contains your restaurant's unique sign up web page URL where guests can sign up to receive marketing emails. For more details, see Sources of Guest Information.


This section contains branding and communication configuration options that you customize for your restaurant's email campaigns.


Updating one or more of these configuration options can stop active automated campaigns. Review the Updating Location Settings section to understand how these changes affect email campaigns.

The following table describes the configuration options you can set for your restaurant. See this section for more information about how the changes you make in the Location section affect your restaurant's email templates.

Option Description Value

Provide a reply-to address

If a guest responds to a campaign email, their response is sent to this email address.

  • Default value: The email address you configured in the Reply-to Address field during the Toast marketing onboarding process.

  • Custom value: You may add an email address that you manage or can access.

Add a sender name

Marketing emails are sent using this sender name.

  • Default value: Your restaurant's name auto-populated using the information from the Restaurant Info page.

  • Custom value: You may add a personalized name like "Maya from The Big Fish."

Default logo

Unique logo of your restaurant that appears in all email template headers.

  • Default value: The logo you configured for your restaurant location during the Toast marketing onboarding process.

  • Custom value: You may upload another logo that is customized with your restaurant's branding.

Default Address

The physical location of your restaurant.

  • Default value: The physical address of your restaurant auto-populated using information from your restaurant's Restaurant Info page.

  • Custom value: You can make changes to the physical address if required. Note that changing the address on this page will not change your restaurant's address in the Restaurant Info page. The change only applies to your email marketing templates.