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Guest feedback

Guest feedback is only supported on handheld devices at this time. It has been split out of Receipt Options, and is now its own standalone sub-workflow.

In the guest feedback workflow, the guest is first shown a screen with two thumbs up/down buttons and a Skip option, which bypasses the rest of the guest feedback workflow. If the guest chooses a rating option, they are taken to a screen with five reasons for that rating. The guest can select any combination of these reasons, or select nothing at all. Finally, the guest is asked to provide contact information so that the restaurant can respond to the feedback if desired. If the POS app has the guest's email address or phone number based on previous transactions, and they choose the corresponding option, the POS app enters that information in the input field with sensitive information masked for security.

POS app version 2.44 changes

  • Previous versions of the Toast POS app partially combined guest feedback with Digital Receipt Options.

  • Previous versions of the Toast POS app displayed the reasons screen after the contact information screen.