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Manual Rewards Account Lookup

When a guest with an existing rewards account pays for their check with cash or a credit card not linked with the account, a restaurant employee can look up and apply their account to the check to ensure that they accrue points or redeem qualifying rewards. The lookup can be done either before or after processing payment.

To look up a guest's rewards account before processing payment

  1. Ask the guest if they have a rewards account they would like to apply to the check.

  2. On the navigation bar of the payments screen on your Toast POS device, tap the Rewards button.

  3. On the Apply Rewards Card dialog, choose one of the following ways to locate the guest's rewards account:

    • Key in the rewards card number using the keypad.

    • Tap the Scan button to scan the QR code using the POS device's camera.

    • Swipe the physical rewards card.

    • If the Lookup button is available, enter the guest's name, email, or phone number to locate their account.

  4. If the guest has enough points to redeem a reward, they can now choose to redeem or save the reward for later. If the guest does not have enough points for a reward, the points accrued from the current check are added to their rewards account.

To look up a guest's rewards account after processing payment

  1. Guest chooses a receipt option on the POS device screen.

  2. Guest sees a prompt asking them if they would like to sign up for your restaurant's rewards program and taps Already registered.

  3. Guest enters the email address or phone number associated with their rewards account in the dialog. The POS system uses this information to lookup their rewards account.

  4. Guest accrues points and receives an email or text message with a rewards points summary.


When a guest's rewards account is added to the check after payment, they can only accrue points on their order. For redemption, the guest's rewards account must be added to the check before processing payment.