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Payment processing

If a payment is a foreground payment (fast processing is not enabled and the device has a network connection), and your restaurant has not enabled Allow receipt option screen during authorization, the payment processing screen appears after the tip entry screen. If your restaurant has enabled Allow receipt option screen during authorization, this screen will appear after Digital Receipt Options and Guest Feedback if the payment is still undergoing authorization. If the payment is a background payment, this screen will never appear.

If the payment is not authorized within three seconds, extra options appear at the bottom of the screen. If you choose the Cancel Payment option, a confirmation dialog box opens that allows you to cancel the payment entirely. Choosing the Process in Background option opens a confirmation dialog box and allows you to convert the payment to a background payment, which allows the workflow to proceed immediately. You must have permission to perform this operation.

If the payment is authorized, but for an amount less than the check amount (partial authorization), a warning dialog box appears on top of the current screen.