This guide will be removed on April 29, 2022. Please use our new, easier-to-use Toast technical documentation site. All updated content is on the new site.

Adding an existing modifier to a modifier group

To reduce the number of modifiers you have to manage, add existing modifiers whenever possible instead of creating new ones. For example, a Breakfast Sides modifier group and a Burger Toppings modifier group could share a Bacon modifier.

If a modifier group is used by more than one menu group or item, keep in mind that:

  • When you edit the modifier group, it is edited for all the menu groups and items that use it.

  • When you remove the modifier group from one of the menu groups or items, the other menu groups or items continue to use it.

To add existing modifiers to a modifier group

  1. In the Modifiers section of the Create modifier group or Edit modifier group page, select Add existing.

    You see the What would you like to add page.

  2. For each modifier that you want to add:

    • Enter the name of the modifier you want to add in the search box. Matching modifier results appear as you type.

      Modifiers that are eligible for adding appear in black text. Modifiers in gray text have already been added to the modifier group and cannot be added again. If a modifier's check box is selected, it means you've already chosen to add it during this Add existing session.

      If there are more than 25 search results, scroll to the end of the list and select Load more to view the next 25 results.

    • Optionally, select a modifier's name to preview it and see additional details, such as the modifier's price and the modifier groups that use it.

    • Select the check box for the modifier you want to add.

    You can repeat these steps to add more than one existing modifier during a single Add existing session.

  3. Optionally, select the Selected modifiers tab to review a list of the modifiers you've chosen to add during this Add existing session. On the Selected modifiers tab, you can:

    • Select a modifier's name to preview it and see additional details.

    • Select the remove icon next to a modifier to remove it from the list.

    • Select Remove all to remove all modifiers from the list.

  4. When you are done specifying the modifiers you want to add, select the Add modifiers button. You are returned to the modifier group page with the modifier(s) added.

  5. Select Save to save your modifier changes.

  6. Select Save again to return to the menu builder home page.

  7. If you are ready for guests and employees to see these menu changes, select Publish all changes, then select Publish again in the Confirm Publish dialog box. See Understanding when to publish your menu for more information.