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Rewards signup

The POS app only displays the rewards signup screen if the restaurant has an active loyalty program and the payment is not already associated with a rewards account. The POS app displays an input field for email or phone, and provides a No Thanks option to skip the signup step.

Whether the POS app displays email or phone input is controlled by your restaurant's configuration for the rewards program. If the POS app has the guest's email address or phone number, the app enters that information in the input field with identifying information masked for security.

POS app version 2.44 changes

  • Previous versions of the Toast POS app would skip this step for cash payments unless the "Thank you dialog" was enabled.

  • Previous versions of the Toast POS app would first ask the guest if they wanted to sign up.

  • Previous versions of the Toast POS app presented rewards signup as a two-step process. The POS app first asked guests if they wanted to sign up for a rewards account, then prompted guests for their email addresses and phone numbers only after they chose Yes.