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Adding guest credits

To add customer credit value for a restaurant customer, you send a POST request to the /crm/v1//customers/{customerId}/creditTransactions endpoint of the CRM API. Adding customer credit value creates a customer credit transaction.

To create a customer credit transaction, you must provide a unique identifier (UUID or GUID) for the transaction. The CustomerCreditTransaction object in the message body of the POST request must include a guid value containing a unique UUID or GUID for the new customer record.

The following example shows the JSON message body content for a POST request to the /crm/v1//customers/{customerId}/creditTransactions endpoint.

Message body content to add guest credit value

  "guid": "65F15E87-F985-4AE4-B970-04CF5F758C17",1
  "transactionType": "ADD_VALUE",2
  "amount": 10.00,3
  "localCreatedDate": "2018-06-16T15:01:14.000+0000"4


Generate a unique identifier for the customer credit transaction (UUID or GUID). Include the identifier in the guid value.


Include the ADD_VALUE value when you add customer credit value in a transaction.


Include the currency amount of the customer credit transaction in the amount value.


Include the date and time that you added customer credits in the localCreatedDate value.

The following example shows the JSON response data for a POST request to the /crm/v1//customers/{customerId}/creditTransactions endpoint.

Add guest credit transaction response data

  "guid": "65f15e87-f985-4ae4-b970-04cf5f758c17",
  "entityType": "CustomerCreditTransaction",
  "approver": null,
  "note": null,
  "server": null,
  "amount": 10.01,
  "restaurant": {
    "guid": "76cb1b05-cb1e-4adf-863a-b2a94a5ecdcf",
    "entityType": "Restaurant"
  "transactionDate": "2018-06-16T19:01:14.488+0000",
  "transactionType": "ADD_VALUE",
  "familyGuid": null,
  "localCreatedDate": "2018-06-16T15:01:14.000+0000",
  "device": null,
  "expirationDate": "2018-09-15T06:00:00.000+0000",
  "customer": {
    "guid": "f7111e82-5979-4579-a86b-e91d10ee6d3a",
    "entityType": "Customer"