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Applying an authorized credit card payment to an orders API check

To apply an authorized credit card payment to a check in an orders API order, you include the payment UUID that you authorized as the payment GUID. The Toast platform applies the credit card payment to the check and attempts to capture the funds later in the business day.


You must POST an order within five minutes of the credit card payment authorization. After five minutes, the credit card API automatically voids the payment.

The following example shows the JSON message body data that applies an authorized credit card payment to a check. Most contents of the order object have been omitted from this example. For more information about POSTing orders in the orders API, see Orders API overview.

Example of applying an authorized credit card payment to a check

  "entityType": "Order",

    [contents omitted]

  "checks": [
      "entityType": "Check",

        [contents omitted]

      "payments": [
          "guid": "78700301-55B6-4C0F-8C69-69E8D3593850",1
          "paidDate": "2018-01-24T22:00:00.000+0000",2
          "type": "CREDIT",3
          "amount": "98.76",4
          "tipAmount": "24.69"5


The payment UUID that you assign to the payment when you authorize it in the credit cards API. You supply this UUID in the paymentUuid path parameter for the PUT request to authorize the payment. For more information, see Authorizing a credit card payment.


The date and time that the guest presented the credit card payment. This value does not affect the way that the Toast platform processes the credit card payment. The date and time you enter are available for reporting.


The type of payment. For credit card payments, this value is CREDIT.


The price of the check that you will apply the credit card payment to. For information about getting the total price of a check, see Getting check prices before you submit an order.


The amount of the gratuity that the guest applied to the check.