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Applying checks to a loyalty program account

To apply a check to a loyalty program account, include an AppliedLoyaltyInfo object in the Check object. The AppliedLoyaltyInfo object includes the following information:

  • loyaltyIdentifier - The identifier of the loyalty program account. For example, the customer's loyalty card number.

  • vendor - The identifier of the loyalty program service provider. The vendor value is usually INTEGRATION.

The following example shows a check being applied to a loyalty program account.

  "entityType": "Order",
  "diningOption": {
    "guid": "4f4d2103-2e0f-45d7-ae4c-8a9c16648fd1",
    "entityType": "DiningOption"
  "checks": [
      "entityType": "Check",
      "customer": {
        "email": "",
        "firstName": "Francis",
        "lastName": "Gauthier",
        "phone": "987-654-3210"
      "appliedLoyaltyInfo": {1
        "loyaltyIdentifier": "6000101001599474",2
        "vendor": "MYLOYALTYPROVIDER"3
      "selections": [
          "entityType": "MenuItemSelection",
          "itemGroup": {
            "guid": "eeebddd6-6556-4c81-bd2b-1d1a1a716a83",
            "entityType": "MenuGroup"
          "item": {
            "entityType": "MenuItem",
            "guid": "79df2dfb-340d-405f-a0f9-55b882606ce5"
          "quantity": 3,
          "modifiers": []


The appliedLoyaltyInfo value holds an AppliedLoyaltyInfo object that associates a check with a specific loyalty account.


The loyaltyIdentifier value is the unique identifier of the loyalty account that is recognized by the loyalty program service provider. For example, this might be the loyalty card number for a program member.


The vendor value specifies the loyalty program service provider. The value is one of the enumerated service provider names that are supported by the Toast POS system. The value is usually INTEGRATION.