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Optimizing fraud detection

The Toast platform performs fraud detection when it authorizes credit card payments. To ensure maximum protection from fraudulent transactions for your organization and for restaurant guests, your integration must send accurate information about the credit card transaction and the transaction type.

Toast platform fraud detection uses the following information from a credit card authorization request:

  • cardNumberOrigin - Indicates whether the credit card information in the authorization request was supplied directly by the guest or from stored credit card information from a previous transaction.

    You include the cardNumberOrigin value in a PaymentAuthorization object in the message body parameter of a credit card authorization request. For more information, see cardNumberOrigin values.

  • guestIdentifier - An identification string that your integration assigns to guests who initiate credit card authorizations.

    You include the guestIdentifier value in the PaymentRequestMetadata object for your credit card authorization request. For more information, see Using guestIdentifier values.