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Example DeliveryInfo object

The following example shows the DeliveryInfo object for updating delivery information for an order.

  "deliveredDate": "2021-09-14T17:57:42.263+0000",1
  "dispatchedDate": "2021-09-14T17:57:42.263+0000",2
  "deliveryState": "DELIVERED",3
  "deliveryEmployee": {
    "guid": "e10f2ae0-9690-4ab2-86fe-fa6603d708d0"4


The date and time when the delivery employee indicated the order was delivered.


The date and time the restaurant indicated the order was available for delivery and was assigned to a delivery employee.


The state of a delivery order. The possible values are PENDING, IN_PROGRESS, PICKED_UP, or DELIVERED.


The Toast platform GUID of the delivery employee at the restaurant.