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Example array of Payment objects to add payments to an existing check

The following example shows an array of Payment objects to add payments to a check in an existing order.

    "guid": "7c65cc16-15bd-496e-886b-a3c080b36100",1
    "type": "CREDIT",2
    "amount": 35.21,3
    "tipAmount": 154
    "guid": "bbb13b9b-1897-48ce-81da-953a83e6472d",
    "type": "CREDIT",
    "amount": 48.74,
    "tipAmount": 20


The UUID of the credit card payment that you authorized in the Toast credit cards API. For more information, see Credit card payments.


The /orders/{orderGuid}/checks/{checkGuid}/payments endpoint only supports adding credit card payments. This value must be CREDIT.


The currency amount to apply to the check price in the added payment.


The currency amount of a tip or gratuity in the added payment.


You can add one or more payments in the array. This example adds two payments to the check.