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Triggering a Reverse Transaction

You can only reverse redeem and accrue transactions. You reverse redeem and accrue transactions you void menu item selections, payments, and checks. For information about voiding items, payments, and checks in the Toast POS app, see this Toast central article.

The redeem transaction occurs during the payment process. You can reverse a redeem transaction after payment by voiding the entire check or voiding a menu item selection that is related to the redeem transaction.

The accrue transaction occurs asynchronously after you complete the payment process. You can reverse an accrue transaction by voiding the entire check or by making a change to the payment.

Example of changing payment

  1. You process a credit card payment.

  2. The check is still open.

  3. The guest leaves a tip. The guest modifies the payment by adding a tip to the total.

  4. Although there may not be a change in the accrual amount, modifying the payment triggers a reverse transaction for the accrue transaction for the payment and it triggers a new accrue transaction for the updated payment.