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Mapping Menus API Values to Other Toast APIs and the Menu Data Export

To create a stronger connection between the data returned by the menus API and the configuration options you see in the Toast administration back-end, the menus API uses updated names for some of the JSON values it returns, as compared to the names used by existing Toast APIs or the menu data export.


A menu entity's GUID remains consistent between the APIs even if the names used by the APIs are different.

The menus API has also restructured and combined some menu data to make it easier to consume. For example, the menu data export uses twelve separate values to express when a menu is available (startTime, endTime, availableAllDays, daysAvailableString, and so on) while the menus API combines those separate elements into a single availability value.

The following sections provide mappings that show the menu-related configuration options in the Toast administration back-end and the JSON values that represent those options in the Toast POS APIs and the menu data export.