This guide will be removed on April 29, 2022. Please use our new, easier-to-use Toast technical documentation site. All updated content is on the new site.

Validating loyalty program account and discount eligibility

When you POST the order, the Toast POS sends the following information to the program service provider:

  • The identifier of the loyalty program account.

  • For discounts, the reference identifiers of the applied discounts.

  • Details about the check and menu selection items.

The program service provider uses this information to verify that the loyalty account exists. It checks whether the order can be applied to the loyalty account, and whether the checks or menu item selections are eligible for the specified loyalty discounts.

The program service provider returns the results of the validation. The response includes whether the request was accepted. For discounts, the response indicates the discount amount.

For details on the response information for loyalty transactions, see Provide information on a loyalty transaction in the API Reference.