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The menu item's quantity has reached 0 or it has been manually marked as out of stock.

Attributes in the out_of_stock event's payload include:

Value Description


A unique identifier for the menu item, assigned by the Toast platform.

data type: string

format: uuid


A consistent identifier that applies to all versions of a menu item that is shared across locations.

Requests sent to Toast APIs can use a combination of the multiLocationId and restaurantGuid values, instead of the itemGuid value, to identify a menu item. Integration clients can extract the multiLocationId and restaurantGuid from stock webhook messages to use in subsequent requests to Toast APIs. This is the recommended method for identifying menu items in Toast API requests. See Toast identifiers for more information.

data type: string


A unique identifier for the restaurant, assigned by the Toast platform.

data type: string

format: uuid



data type: string


Reserved for future use.

Payload example for the out_of_stock event

  "timestamp": "<ISO formatted timestamp in UTC>",
  "eventCategory": "stock",
  "eventType": "out_of_stock",
  "guid": "e445f586-081c-4a2a-bcd6-30717a48e17a",
  "details": {
    "itemGuid": "1e199622-ccbf-4ba8-8c37-111519dca13b",
    "restaurantGuid": "3325cc58-dc6e-4e21-85f9-7de275ffe820",
    "status": "OUT_OF_STOCK",
    "multiLocationId": "100000000171239569",
    "versionId": "1e199622-ccbf-4ba8-8c37-111519dca13b"