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Using location and group identifiers

The My Integrations page contains optional free-text Group ID and Location ID fields, which you can use to map restaurants in your system to Toast's restaurants.

For example, if a restaurant location has a numeric account number in your system, they can add their account identifier to the Location ID field. If a restaurant group has an alphanumeric group identifier in your system, they can add their group identifier to the Group ID field.

Group ID and Location ID fields for a restaurant location

Location ID and group ID values are available in the partners API in the externalGroupRef and externalRestaurantRef fields.

      "restaurantName":"Toast Grill & Tap",
      "externalGroupRef": "123#",
      "externalRestaurantRef": "ABC",
      "modifiedDate": 1544136793429,
      "createdDate": 1544136793429,
      "isoModifiedDate": "2019-12-06T22:53:13.429Z",
      "isoCreatedDate": "2019-12-06T22:53:13.429Z"

If you use a partner API account, Toast support recommends that you include information in your onboarding documentation instructing users on how to fill out these fields.

Integrations that use restaurant management group API accounts cannot use these fields.