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Client error

Status code




Bad Request

The API request triggered a known error.

A 400 status code often occurs when the syntax of the request is incorrect or the body of a POST request is not structured correctly.

You are responsible for evaluating the error message returned in the API error response in order for future API requests to avoid this error.



The authentication token you submitted is not a recognized Toast API authentication token.

It is possible that you are submitting an authentication token that has expired and you need to request a new token.



You are not permitted to access the resource that you are attempting to access.

This error often occurs when:


Not Found

You are attempting to access an unknown resource. This error often occurs if you send a request to an endpoint that does not exist.



Your API request conflicts with the current state of Toast product data. For example, you might send a PUT request to update an employee's wage override for one of their jobs, but an earlier request removed the job from the employee.

This error is also returned if a restaurant publishes changes to its configuration while you are retrieving paginated data from that restaurant. See Managing 409 HTTP errors in paginated responses for more information.


Unprocessable Entity

Your API request contains something that the Toast platform cannot process.

A 422 HTTP response often occurs when an external partner tries to authorize a credit card transaction with amount and tipAmount values that are both $0.


Too Many Requests

You have exceeded your rate limit and must wait before sending more Toast API requests.


Client Closed Request

Your system closed the API request before the Toast platform was able to process the request.