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Restaurant availability webhook


This feature is in limited release.

The restaurant_availability webhook allows you to receive real-time information about a restaurant's ability to accept online orders. The restaurant_availability webhook sends a message when:

  • The auto-fire device has stopped approving online orders.

A restaurant’s availability status is one of the following:

  • Online: The restaurant’s auto-fire device is approving orders.

  • Offline: The restaurant’s auto-fire device has stopped approving orders. When a restaurant is offline, you can still place online orders via the orders API, but Toast support recommends waiting until the restaurant's status is online.


Placing orders while the restaurant is offline can cause orders to not fire to the kitchen and may result in the restaurant becoming overwhelmed with missed orders when coming back online. This can contribute to a poor guest ordering experience.

When you receive a webhook event for the restaurant_availability event category, the eventCategory value is set to restaurant_availability and the eventType is set to one of the following: