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Stock webhook

The stock webhook allows you to receive updates when the inventory status of a menu item or a modifier (via its item reference) changes.


Modifiers are supported by an underlying menu item, called the modifier item reference. In this section, the term menu item refers to both menu items and modifier item references, as the stock webhook reports on their status in the same way. For detailed information on modifier item references, see Understanding a modifier option's item reference.

When a message is published to your webhook endpoint for the stock event category, the eventCategory value is set to stock and the eventType is set to one of the following:

A menu item's inventory can be changed in the stock API, in the Toast app, and in the Toast administration back-end, and set to one of the following:

  • In Stock: The menu item is in stock. There is no specific quantity associated with the menu item but it is assumed to be available.

  • Out of Stock: The menu item is not in stock and cannot be ordered.

  • Quantity: A specific quantity for the menu item is defined. As the menu item is ordered, the quantity is decremented. When the quantity dips below the low quantity threshold, the low quantity webhook will fire. When the quantity reaches 0, the menu item's status changes to out of stock. Currently, the low quantity threshold is set to 5 for all menu items and is not configurable.

Stock webhook events reflect changes to these settings or to a menu item's quantity. For example, an out_of_stock event is triggered when a menu item's quantity has reached 0 or it has been manually marked as out of stock.

To set a menu item's stock status in the Toast app, a restaurant uses Quick Edit mode (described in this Toast Central article). To set it in the Toast administration back-end, the restaurant uses the Inventory section of the menu item's details page.