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Using the partners API to get restaurant information

To get information about the Toast platform restaurants that your partner API client account can access, you can use the /restaurants or /connectedRestaurants endpoint of the Toast partners API.

Only partner API accounts can use the /restaurants and /connectedRestaurants endpoint. If you have a restaurant management group API account, you can use the restaurants API to get information about the restaurants in your group. For more information about account types, see Toast API accounts. For more information about the restaurants API, see the restaurants API reference documentation.

The /restaurants endpoint returns an array of JSON objects containing information about each restaurant that you have access to. For more information, see the partners API reference documentation.

The /connectedRestaurants endpoint returns the same array of restaurant JSON objects as the /restaurants Using the /connectedRestaurants endpoint allows you to navigate the response easier, especially if you are connected to many restaurants.

The /connectedRestaurants endpoint uses pagination and allows for additional query parameters. Each response page is also tokenized using page tokens should you need to refer back to a specific data snapshot. For more information on pagination see Paginating response data. For more information on using the /connectedRestaurants endpoint see Get connected restaurants.


The partners API updates the list of restaurants that you have access to immediately after a restaurant employee selects your integration.

For other Toast APIs, such as the orders API or the labor API, it can take up to 15 minutes from the time a restaurant employee gives your integration access before they update their access lists and allow your integration to perform operations at a restaurant.

If a restaurant removes a partner's integration, this restaurant is no longer present in the /restaurants or /connectedRestaurants endpoint return data. Consider restaurant additions and removals when you review the results of this endpoint.