This guide will be removed on April 29, 2022. Please use our new, easier-to-use Toast technical documentation site. All updated content is on the new site.

Verifying a loyalty integration

To use the integration verification tool, you supply information in the fields at the top of the page.

A screen shot of the controls at the top of the validation tool page.

You provide the following information.

  • Your Integration Type. This selection determines the testing options shown later on the page.

  • Your sandbox Provider URL.

  • A restaurant GUID recognized by your system in the Restaurant ID field.

The values needed for loyalty API requests are some form of loyalty identifier and a check. Under the Account Info heading are fields for first name, last name, email, and phone number. These fields represent the loyalty identifiers that will be passed through the loyalty API and used for each testing option.

A screen shot of the Account Info controls.


The options available for testing loyalty API implementations are currently in development and are subject to change.